Our second project involved rescuing a CB550 that had been sitting dormant in this lady’s garage for a few decades. It was a craigslist find.

$600 for a CB550 that looked in pretty presentable shape. I immediately shot her a response, “I’m coming over to look at it as soon as you want!”

Not even two minutes after I’d shown up at her place, there were other interested buyers hovering over the bike. I looked over the bike and said, “Look, its worth more than $600. I’ll give you $800 for it.”

She must have appreciated the gesture, becuase she sent everyone else home and signed the title over to me.

Then life got in the way and it sat in my garage…. not for decades, but a year or two.

Specifications and Build Info

  • Chassis: 1974 Honda CB550
  • Engine: (stock) 550cc inline four. Complete disassembly and rebuilt with new seals and consumables.
  • Front End: 2007 GSX-R 600 Inverted Fork.
  • Brakes: (Front) Cognito Moto Front Disc hub mated with GSX-R rotors. (Rear) Drum brake.
  • Ignition: DynaTech Electronic Ignition with Electronic pickup and advance
  • Chassis Wiring: Motogadget M-Unit with brand new wiring. All lighting is LED.
  • Fueling: (stock) CB550 rack carbs