tim kettering :: cb350

It all started with 'you can have those motorcycles...'

A couple summers ago, my brother told me about two motorcycles he had been storing in his garage. He had planned on fixing them up but never got around to finishing out the job.

My interest was piqued. I had ridden motorcycles before, but I never had fixed one up. My motorcycle was brand new and had yet to have issues.

The most immediate problem was that the motorcycles were in Minnesota, and I lived over in California. I had my Jeep - but there was no way I'd get both bikes in the Jeep without tearing them apart and I had less than a week to do it.

In the end, everything all fit in the Jeep except for the frames, which I threw on top.

Once I got everything over to California and laid things out in my garage, I started tearing down the engine, and given that they'd been sitting around in Minnesota winters for over a decade, they weren't in TOO bad a condition.

After much scrubbing, cleaning and gallons of degreaser later, a lovely patina began to emerge.

For the front end, I decided to go with a different route and instead of reusing the stock CB350 front forks and wheel, I hunted down a front end from a Suzuki GSXR-600.

A bit more test fits and all that...

Much back and forth went on fabricating spacers, and custom fittings to mate a Harley 40-spoke front hub to Suzuki Hayabusa disc rotors. This would allow me to run the classic spoked front wheel but with dual disc brakes.

Things started to come together relatively quickly. Frame was powdercoated in black-bronze.

Things started to come together relatively quickly. Frame was powdercoated in black-bronze.

I wanted to improve the stock illumination of the gauges with something a bit more modern, so I took apart the tachometer housing and installed a LED light strip inside. The results are gorgeous.

Rolled the bike outside to get some sun. Took some vanity photos. Still needs a headlight. Exhaust will be changed to a 2-into-1 style.